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Hi there!

Have you ever wanted to add new features to the trading app of your choice?

Imagine a trading platform where everyone can add new features. Would you like to be notified via Telegram when your order is partially filled? Would you like to have custom visualisations for your trading patterns automatically added to your timeline?

Join us on our journey towards a rock solid, versatile and extensible trading platform. A platform where you decide what you would like to do with your data.

Whether you read our news, support us with your ideas and feedback or support us financially we truly appreciate your support.

So what can I do with it?

Well, that's up to you. Seriously, though, you decide what features you would like to see. But no worries, we'll provide you with plenty of examples.

Our platform works using a lot of events. User registered, Currency created and Order created are just a few of them. You can write functions (or use functions created by others) that listen to these events and react to them.

Maybe you already have a use case in mind where custom functions would enrich your trading experience and efficiency?

I'd love to be notified when...

Finico Bot
  • Price of ABC changed to 0.0024 at 5:44pm.
  • Wanna buy?
  • Yes
  • Done.

You can create functions that can send notifications or questions via Telegram or other channels.

The function listens for Price changed events. If the change matches the criteria the user provided to the function, the user receives a notification about the price change and is asked whether they want to buy.

If the user answers with Yes, an order with the pre-configured options is created. After the Order filled event the user is notified.

Of course there might be a lot more of events involved. We'll soon add a list of all events on our platform page.

Sounds exciting? Feel free to come up with your own ideas about how to extend this function and make it even more useful for your scenario.

You might also want to check out the integrations we have planned for you. Whether it is for custom notifications, alerts, trading bots or other small helpers we got you covered.

Once upon a time...

  • now
    Your trading performance last week:
  • 5min ago
    Trading history of the last three months
  • a day ago
    New currency listed: XYZ

Have you ever wanted to visualise your trading patterns in custom charts? Well, you could just add a custom chart to your timeline created from events like Order created, Order filled, Order cancelled and more.

The timeline is a place that is truly yours – all about you and your needs. Show only relevant information, use helpful visualisations and interactions that help you to be more efficient.

Examples for timeline entries are charts about your trading performance, standardised reports about your trading history or news about platform changes.

The sky is the limit. Of course you could gather this kind of information from different places and start calculating things by hand. Your timeline could be a neat alternative though.

What's next?

We started developing the platform around July 2017. Since then we've come a long way and are proud to have built a scalable, maintainable trading platform. Our focus was on getting the architecture and the system design right to be able to fulfil the promise of building a platform. A platform that can be extended by both internal developers, external app providers and even you.

A lot of things are already working in our system. You can deposit and withdraw, create orders, create custom functions that listen to events and add entries to your timeline and a lot more. The matching engine is running, orders are matched, filled and closed. The first integrations are ready to be used by both our code, your custom functions and apps. Behind the scenes, new software updates can be deployed without service downtime, the load is balanced between several instances of each internal service, data is safely encrypted at rest and we enjoy adding new functionality to the platform due to its modular nature.

Even though a lot of things are already there, we are fully aware that we're not ready to launch the platform just yet. But since we are so excited about the platform and its potential we want to get your feedback as early as possible. We want you to be excited about Finico as well.

It would be great to see a community grow that is open-minded, full of honest, respectful feedback and brilliant ideas. You can help us shape the future of this platform.

  1. July 2017

    Start of development

  2. October 2018

    Hello World!

  3. Q4 2018

    Growing a community & ICO

  4. Q1 2019

    Beta Launch

Sounds great – what about me?

We would love you to have our backs. You can support us in many ways. For starters, joining our telegram channel is already fantastic! On our channel we'll publish the latest news, dates of our live stream events and updates of our roadmap.

We promise not to spam – but still, there is always the option to mute the channel and only read the updates from time to time.

If you want to go even further in showing your support, we encourage you to check our Community page for more information.