About Us

Our Team

One of our goals as a team is to build great software. We want to enjoy developing, scaling and maintaining it. We are also very excited about all the ideas you bring to the table about how to extend the platform.

Our different backgrounds and personalities help us to see things from different angles. Since one of our core values is transparency, we would like you to get to know us. Hopefully the introductions below, our future live streams and blog posts will help you with that.

Hi, I'm David :)

There are two things in my professional life I am truly passionate about: Software Engineering and leading people. For me, creating software often comes down to something that is both really challenging and rewarding – finding simple solutions to complex problems. Leading people for me is about encouraging each member of my team to use their personality and their qualities to deliver great software, to enrich the team and to grow personally.

What I would love to see is a vibrant community that is passionate about building a great trading platform. I want to cherish all contributions – from critical feedback and small typo fixes on our website to great functions and apps that enrich the user experience of others.

I am really thankful to be married to my lovely wife and to be blessed with two lovely daughters. Both her emotional support and her critical feedback have shaped the project in an incredible way.

Hi, I'm Markus :)

Because of my background as a scientist I like approaching things systematically. When I face a problem I want to understand it fully before trying to solve it step by step. I love that this approach enriches my team, that we can truly complement each other and together build a great platform.

What I want for the user is a well constructed system which they can enjoy in the long term. I'd love for the user to notice in small details that someone really thought about their needs. I'm looking forward to working together with all of you, listening to your feedback and building a better and better system for all of us.

Hi, I'm Simon :)

I first started creating websites with HTML, CSS and Javascript when I was 13. Oh, and small desktop applications with Visual Basic 6. I love solving tricky problems which require detailed thinking to find a solution. At the moment I'm mostly focused on the backend – where I find just the right challenges for my taste.

My goal is to create a secure and reliable platform for our users. I like fixing errors, thinking about how to avoid those and making our platform more resilient. This is why I want our code to be of high quality, easy to read, maintain and extend.

Since I'm a creative person hardly a day goes by without me picking up my guitar, truly enjoying the quietness and music. Spending time with friends helps me to clear my head, find a healthy balance and regain my focus for the next challenging task.

Our Values

Be transparent.

We want to be transparent about who we are, what we plan and what we do. We know that we're not perfect – and although it might be hard, we also want to share our mistakes.

Be open-minded.

We want to value you and your feedback. We want to be open to ideas, questions and criticism. We don't want to just accept the status quo – we always want to go a step further.

Be a platform.

We are aware that we can't build every feature that you would like to see. This is why we want to provide a platform where you and others can build on top of it. We are really excited to see the brilliant ideas and solutions you'll come up with to build something truly amazing.